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Sarah Reid

I'm still curious if there are guidelines for the diapers. Are they wanting just prefolds? Or are fitted diapers OK? Do they also want covers? What sizes of diapers?

Craft Hope

Sarah, I wish I had a good answer for you. We are waiting to hear back from our contacts in China with a pattern from them. Chinese New Year has put things on hold. I say lets focus most on the bibs for now!


The original post about Project 20 said no embellishments, such as buttons. Is that excluding the closures, or should all of the bibs close with velcro or a snap?


Craft Hope

FrodoLives, just no embellishments on the front that they could pull off and choke on. Thanks for asking!

Sarah Reid

OK, I'll keep checking back. Thanks. :-)


www.craftinessisnotoptional.blogspot.com has a great Bapron (big apron) tut that will be great!!!!


I am having great fun with bibs, but am lost in diaperland. Are we talking about fitted diapers? Prefolds? Diaper covers? Not sure what is practical for an orphanage-probably not the fancy ones I've been finding...

Diana Montes

I already have some bibs, next week I'll put them on the mail :)

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