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Wow! You ladies are just amazing! I plan on making at least one bib. Any specifications for type of closure- snap? button?
Thank you for the work you do and for the invitation you always provide for others to be if service:)

Bon @ A Golden Afternoon

So excited for the new project!! I love what you do!!


Woo-hoo! I'll be making a pile of bibs for sure. Never tried cloth diapers. Now is a good time to try them!


Terrific project! Will be happy to make and send along some bibs!

Edwina Ulmer

My church just held an adoption fundraising dinner and silent auction last night. We have several families that have recently adopted (2 from China) and several that are in the long process. We as a church are working together to assist our families. I would love to be a part of your project and will be making bibs.


I am so excited! Bibs are my go-to baby gift so I'm all over this one--I think I already have a stack of bibs that have been waiting for a good cause!

Fitzy Fitzpatrick

I would like to be part of this project. Please let us know about the bib closure requirements.


I live in Beijing and know New Hope's amazing work. Can I get a group together here and we'll just give them directly to Joyce at NHF? I'd love to send the word out in China, and wouldn't mind being the contact person. Happy Year of the Snake! 蛇年快乐!

Emily G. Huntoon

Love this project, Jade! And the new site is B.A.Utiful!

shannon b

I would love to contribute! I was recently looking at my stash of fabric (much of it in childhood prints) and wondering what I was ever going to do with it all. Now I know!

Jennifer Yaple

Count me in. I too, have a large stash of baby printed material that I was unsure of what to do with (as my kids are far from being babies). Thanks for the inspiration! :)
P.S. I'm from the Grand Rapids area too. Small world! :)

Denise Carter

I have a day program for Adults with special needs called Believe & Achieve and I would like to get my group involved in the project. How many bibs are they asking for?

Denise Carter

Craft Hope

Anita, thats a fantastic idea!! Thank you!

Craft Hope

Denise, we are willing to take as many bibs and cloth diapers as you can make. Carin will take as many as she can carry with her and the organizations we work with will send the rest over on container ships. Thanks for asking!


Do the diapers and bibs have to be homemade?

Craft Hope

Jamie, yes we only donate handmade items. Thanks for asking.


Excellent, I've put the word out on facebook, and you can also ask anyone in China, Beijing (or Asia, I guess, since the postage would be cheaper) to contact me for address details. I'll be having a group once a week from Wednesday to eat, drink and make bib together as part of our Lenten project :)


So happy for this simple project! Can't wait to start...


I am on this for sure as this is close to my heart. Just brought home our first daughter from Jiangxi China that we are just in love with!


I just made some bibs for a friend at work. I would love to contribute to this project. And good luck with the adoption!!!!!!


Count me in !


I have 2 beautiful daughters from China. They completed our family of 7!! I would love to make some bibs and diapers. Is there a pattern for the cloth diapers?


Do you have any specifics on the diapers? Any particular style, size? Do you need covers?


I'm in, I'll definitely make bibs, and maybe nappies if there's a pattern available.


We are homeschoolers and I have been looking for just such an opportunity to make something for others. My 9 year old son and I are going to make as many as we can churn out this next week.

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