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count us in, this will be a fun crafting with the kids project during the first month of summer vacation.

Sara Silva

WOW. Awesome. I shared this on my craft blog page and music page on facebook. I remember seeing kids living in dumps in mexico when I went on a missions trip. These are beautiful children!
I will also see if I can get some of the kids at church together to decorate flip flops. I think this would be an awesome project! Either way I will see how many I can make and send them to you! http://facebook.com/contentinthemeantime

Tina Bonney

This is a wonderful project to work on with the kids this summer. I definitely want to do this. I will spread the word!


my 11 year old is concerned about the health aspects of fabric/ribbon/yarn flip flop decorations being worn in a dump. She immediately suggested duct tape -- great for boys or girls. We'll be sending a few pair :)


Count me in. I will get started this weekend.

Crystal Wilson

I'm definitely in!


We'll definitely be sending some flip-flop love for this one!


This is wonderful, my kids and I will be decorating flip flops over this long weekend. Thank you for providing a way for all of us to do something that creates our own ripples.

Julia A.

Elizabeth Kocan

I would love to participate! I offer a Yoga Camp for kids and they would be all over this project. It is perfect for them. Thank you so much for all you do.



I am hoping to get a group of moms and/or kids together to do this - our 2 daughters and I will be for sure!

karen day

I'm in.


LOVE the duct tape decorating idea! Thanks, Sheila - that is what my kids and I will do.

Debbie Phillips

We will do this with our first set of summer camp kids.

Carol E.

I will participate!


All the way from Colorado...count me and my 3 kiddos in. I was looking for a monthly volunteer opportunity for them this summer, this is perfect! Will spread the word!


We're in too! I think I will have my kids do a few and then grab some of my friends for an evening of flip flop decorating! :)


count us in!


Yes! Yes! Yes! I am in & will help to spread the word!


I will show this to my daughter. I hope we can do something. Thanks.

Karen Stewart

Yes, count a group of us in Grand Rapids in! This is a wonderful project, and we're thrilled to be able to include children in the decorating of the flip flops!


Another great idea is to add some flip flop straps for the back of the shoe. These will help to keep the shoes on their feet. Especially for the younger ones. There are tutorial on the net. Some just simple elastic to more fancy one with pretty fabric, bows,etc.


I'm in! This sounds like fun. I am always looking for projects my grandchildren and I can work on together. This is will be a meaningful one.


Flip flops are such a little thing to us but huge to the recipients. My granddaughter and I will be busy this weekend! Count us in!


Great idea! I have two very young children, so I love projects they can actually participate in. Won't buy the regular flip flops though. Besides that I think they are very uncomfortable, a friend of mine, who is a doctor, just told me how bad they are for your feet and especially for children. So we will find a "safe" version and start getting creative.


My son just wanted me to write that dinosaur shoes would be very cool for boys and firemen too :-)

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