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Count me in!


Can't wait to get started! Thanks again for coming up with ways for my family to serve those around the world.

Jennifer Hamilton

This is the PERFECT project for me to dig out that sewing machine in the closet and finally learn how to use it! I'll have to get my mom involved for some tutorials, and maybe get her to sew a few too! Watch out Sacramento, CA thrift stores, here I come for some cute pillowcases!!!!


I'm in!

Michelle Stuart

Yay! I was just about to start some pillowcase dresses for a different organization! Count me in :)

Victoria Hassink

I have just sent this out to all the "older" Girl Scouts in Wake 19, Cary North Carolina! About 90 troops...hope we get lots of dresses!


I'd love to do this. I'm teaching a class right now and this can be out last project! Make and Take Craft Weekend in Missouri.

Holly U

I've been wanting to clear out my girlie fabrics (in favor of more gender neutral ones). Here's the perfect cause. Thanks!


How much money would you need to get another sewing machine for your high school girls?


Hopefully will be able to send some all the way from Brazil

Lacy Courtney

I will sew some and send them!


Fun...I'll send some in :)

Nicole Schmitke

I'm going to give this a try!!!

Molly Fulton

I just sent 65 to Liberia. A few didn't make the shipping date for that project, so they will be heading your way!

chryl kaisler

I would love to make these. My sewing machine and I will get reaquainted.


A few of the Blissful Stitchers of Ft. Bliss/El Paso, TX are in! We are all excited to get started and ship you a big box!

Craft Hope

Robin, so sweet of you to ask. I honestly would take anything at this point. I could get a very basic machine for around $130. Thanks for asking! -- Jade


Hurrah! I needed a little project, and this is just perfect! I'll be whipping up a few for sure.

susan Workman

I LOVE making pillowcase dresses-will send some from New Mexico!


Yay! We'll be sending some from Yesh Tikvah Ministries in Seaford, Delaware. "Yesh Tikvah" means "There is Hope" :)


Hi I would like to send you atleast one from Singapore. Thanks you for doing this.


Great idea I will make a few with my 5 year old who is learning to sew.


Hi- is it important that the dresses be the pillow case style, or is it ok to make something a little bit different?


I'm in!

Sarah Stephenson

I love this idea!! I'm in and doing it solo from Dallas, Texas

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