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I will definitely try and get a few capes made - sounds like a great idea and a brilliant message to send to children. I will also share this on my blog and Facebook too! Can't wait to start cape crafting!! Mine will be coming all the way from Australia!

Susan Workman

This will be a perfect project to do with grandkids over the holiday break; you will have some coming from New Mexico.

Deborah Way

Thanks for the wonderful announcement, Jade! We're super (pun intended) excited about this collaboration. (I'm the FamilyFun editor that worked on this article.) We had a staff cape-making meeting a few weeks ago, and it was fun and easy. I hope this project spreads far and wide!


My 5yo son and I are in for a few!

Precious Lopez

Thanks for all you do… You are truly inspiring! Because of you the students of the studio not only learn a life skill (sewing)…. But they also experience the feeling of giving "selfless" love :-)

Carol E

I'll make one! I'm from MN, USA and it's just me.


My department at work and I are going to make capes at our Christmas party rather than exchanging gifts. We are super excited! Thanks for the great opportunity to do something so meaningful!!!

Jana Beebe

I plan on making some with my grandkids over thanksgiving weekend. This is a great project! Thanks!


I'll be making some capes, here in Wisconsin. So far I'll just be sewing by myself, but I'm trying to get some family and friends on board.


I will be sending some capes from Upstate NY!


My sister and mother and I made capes while they were out to Missouri visiting my family for Thanksgiving... My 5 year old son wanted to join so he designed and cut one out and I sewed it up for him. He's excited to be helping a child who is scared.


I will try to make a few, and see if my 6 year old son wants to help. :)


My kids and I are going to make some of these. What a great idea! Ours will be coming from Iowa.


What a great idea! I read about this in the FamilyFun magazine and loved the story so much that I came to check out your website.

Since CraftHope did a special outreach for Haiti, I wonder if your would consider something similar for the Philippines? Children who survived the Typhoon are now in danger of exploitation and trafficking. UNICEF and Save the Children are setting up Child Friendly Spaces to provide a safe haven for at-risk children in some of the hardest hit areas. With the holidays upon us, is it possible that CraftHope could do another Etsy store to contribute funds to something like this? I would definitely shop it!

Thanks for your time and your passion for spreading hope!

Dawn Town

I would really like to help but I noticed that your deadline is soon and I am in the middle of making hats and mittens for my daughter's entire head start class (there are so many that do not have them) but I would really like to know what your next project is going to be so that I can help. I just read your article in the Family Fun mag that came today.


I love it!! I love everything about craft hope. I too read Family Fun and looked you up. I will be making these as well as getting anyone else involved that I can. I hope to be involved in any project you do. I would love to be involved in any planning if you need help.


We will be making the superhero capes with our San Diego-based Cub Scout Pack at our Dec 19th Pack meeting. We hope to have at least 10 capes completed (including cool iron-ons on the back via the Family Fun article!). Please let me know where to send the finished capes. This is such a great idea...I found it by reading this month's Family Fun.


10 capes coming your way from Wisconsin, made with love on Thanksgiving Day by my 15 and 16 year old daughters. :)


My mom, daughter & I will be making a few from Montana. :)


Dear Jade, I ran across the Family Fun article today, and your blog is a source of inspiration to others who could use a little hope and love in a tough world. I will be sending some to Capes for Kids very soon.


I am a children's librarian and I'm helping to write the plans for the 2015 Summer Reading manual that is used by libraries across the nation. This project would tie in perfectly, but we'll be wayyyyy past your deadline. Is there any way that I could find out if there is an ongoing need for capes (or at least a second wave of capes during the summer of 2015) and figure out a way to partner with an organization who could distribute any capes created to the kids who would enjoy them? Feel free to e-mail a response. Thanks!

Enchanted Makeovers

Thank you all for making Capes for Kids for Enchanted Makeovers. This is one of our on-going programs. Terry Grahl Founder & CEO, Enchanted Makeovers.


The Kingstowne Ward Relief Society organization from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Alexandria, Virginia will be hosting a cape making party. I am looking forward to sending in several completed capes sometime before the end of the month.

Erin @ Sometimes-Homemade.com

I love this idea! I bought material a few months ago to make my son a cape, but I haven't gotten around to it. I just needed this as my inspiration! I'll be trying to make a few over the next few weeks to send along.

I'll be following you in the future too to see what other projects you're working on and if I can contribute!


I read about this in my Family Fun magazine and had to help. 12 capes are getting shipped tommorrow!

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